To Blog or Not to Blog…

It has been a while since the last blog and it certainly is a case of habits and losing the momentum. I write that but who on earth reads these anyway? Just the wife and Nige (hello both).

As I reflect on the past few weeks and think further back to the days of Lockdown old, the blogs were actually a little therapeutic – that’s why I am starting again with the intention of doing so regularly. The reflection is actually helpful – the time to pause and write something, albeit the published version gets an edit to avoid the wrath of annoyance being linked to various duties and real people being highlighted.

A great discussion and thoughts were shared only yesterday – about 20 people on a remote session with the topic being ‘responsibility’. We have freedom and the luxury of choice. That choice, linked to three modes of being… Some are ignorant (many). Some are driven by passion. The rest, by goodness. A great session was had and when you reflect and link our current mode of being you see so many living in ignorance; Covid doesn’t exist and we are all fine. We don’t need to keep apart from others – social distancing is a daft idea. These ignorant attitudes, lack of respect and dare I write it, stupidity, result in the tiers we are now confined to.

Goodness is the harder choice but it leads to greater freedom.

A nice bloke I know

This particular nice bloke is someone I enjoy talking to; listening to. He lifts me up, although he won’t realise that. The point made though was spot on and resonates with me in all things… If we are good and do the job, we get the freedoms we deserve, because others then trust us, respect us and are confident we will, in the main, do the right thing.

We are about 250 days into some sort of lockdown now. Some people are living in ignorance, fed up of the restrictions and limitations imposed. It is understandable but not excusable. Others are being good and as a result, no doubt, struggling mentally. Many others, regardless of their current mode are struggling financially.

As Christmas approaches I can see the arguments and disagreements starting to bubble. Those that won’t are the unfortunate ones that have no family groups to argue about. If I had the time or skill, I’d be writing a new sitcom called, ‘A Covid Christmas’. Picture the scene… a family sat in the living room. Comments made about the choices made of who is here. Snipes at loved ones because it isn’t their mother or father, aunt or house. Questions about wrappings and presents and how long they have been left. Sounds good in my head anyway.

Well, it is the weekend and I have started again. I’ll not go down the school route – plenty of material there to pick over in the days ahead. I just hope the pressures of work for everyone is bearable and we all remember the current predicament we are all in. Be kind, patient and remember what is important.

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