Covid-19 / School Days

The Daily Juggle – 1

It started with Days Out and moved into Summer Days. Now it seems like day after day of juggling and adjusting so The Daily Juggle has a ring to it. We go again…

Each day certainly is a juggling act now. School leads are on the front line and putting teaching aside (which is a full on full time job), ensuring the school can continue and generally function at the moment is another level entirely. The current discussion that comes up is the lack of social distancing and how we need to sort it – what parents do out on the street is not really within our remit.

We do always try to help but there are limits to the time we have and the pressure to drop the main thing (teaching and learning) is ever greater. A greater pressure to drop it to manage movement in school, around school and beyond school. The past few weeks have been some the most tiring in my career. To create a positive school environment is something that can be achieved with, in my opinion, relative ease. This of course helps when times are difficult – having the staff and culture that get on with it and deliver helps. There is only so much that you can keep doing though. The never ending pressures of Covid wear people down. The worry of family members and constant, persistent daily challenge of covid cases, suspected and/or confirmed take its toll.

Day one of the week is done. The last day of November! The tree goes up tomorrow and there will be a bit of work on staffing. Time to revisit the plan, who is in and who we need after Christmas. The hope back in September was the extra staffing would be no more than a term. Well it is no real surprise, but Covid is staying for Christmas.

Take care, keep your distance and be sensible. Somebody has to be.

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