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All in a day…

I decided The Daily Juggle didn’t quite read well so that is in the bin. All in a day however is what it’s about so let’s go for it…

There really is only so much that you can get done and even though we all know it, we still find it hard to stain which is really important for us to do – stop. Wednesdays are currently one of my two seconded days working on a project. It is going well (my opinion) and some good things are there and ready to be used.

The world of remote learning really is taking off and with a focus on the main thing, learning, being maintained, keeping it simple should help it work. I say that about everything – simple, focus, success. Too often things get over complicated to try to look good and that then results in confusion and the goal not being achieved.

The day is a busy one though and whilst the amount achieved is pleasing, there are still things on the list that need doing but time just doesn’t allow it. I suppose that’s where Maslow’s hierarchy is useful and we can all sleep well, knowing we’ve done a good job.

Had a call from a past colleague late afternoon – the wonderful Usha (past boss). Great person and lovely that she rang for no other reason to catch up and see how I’m doing. When people get people, it makes all the difference. It was great to chat and discuss the world beyond the job. From one colleague to another, a couple of calls for support with some tech went well. Goals partly achieved and hopefully by the end on Thursday another aim will be achieved.

It was back to David Lloyd’s tonight for a tennis lesson. Whilst that was happening, I went for a run. It was fairly quiet, noticeably so – but good to be back open.

Tomorrow’s another day – I wonder how much will be achieved.

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