Days Off / School Holidays

Summer is Back – Day 1

It isn’t really Day 1 because living in Leicester, the summer break started 8 school days ago, so today is really day 8. That aside, the first week was a bit of a write-off with self-isolation imposed and the wind-down required to start enjoying a break needed. Teaching is one of those jobs where you do need time to adjust to not going 24/7 so self-isolation, a bit of finishing off and prep was welcomed.

The lake at Delamere.

The last 16 months have certainly been quite something. Covid is still here despite the arrival of badly named ‘Freedom Day’. For so many the past 16 months have been extremely hard and so many have risen to the challenge admirably. Many teachers have adapted, as they always do, to changing demands and they’ve do so with professionalism in a quiet way. The doctors, nurses, scientists and similar have soldiered on with deserved admiration from onlookers. The government though, who I was initially impressed with (and let’s be honest they are in a tricky position), has quite simply made a right hash of it. PR, comms and all that stuff has totally revealed their incompetence.

Looking a little more recent, the last half-term has been quite a change for me personally. I took a call just before the half term break to ask if I could help at a school where a move to a permanent site is imminent. As always, I said yes and a couple of weeks turned into a whole half term. It was a huge shame to have missed the final five weeks of the school I’m usually at, being that we were just getting things going again and the year 6 children deserving a decent end. To help others though is something we should do. With a week of school to go, the role changed and it is now full swing into leading the school to Christmas. A new experience being the children are secondary aged (Years 7 to 10) but at the end of the day, the main thing is the main thing and that is learning. Watch this space.

The first two days away have been great – running, walking and enjoying the sun. Emails off and family time. Make sure you enjoy your time too.

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